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Unicake bag

The hand-made Unicake is made of quality materials. It increases the taste by turning ordinary materials such as eco shopping bags into various delicious but practical living products. In addional, the creativity increases the value of this product. We elaborate the design of shopping bag on both color and cake types.

For example, the French Classic Strawberry Cake shopping Bag is designed to look like a cake with strawberry cream in it. As people open it up, it gives the idea of I AM A CAKE, I AM A BAG immediately

Unicake bag is light, modern, colorful and lovely, when you fold it up, it looks like a yummy cake and it suddenly becoms a functional shopping bag as you open it up. Unicake is the product with a sense of taste, warmth and joy. You will embrace this taste of happiness and be eager to share with your friends such an incredible and charming product.